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The Big Reset: Compete and Win in the Emerging Value-Driven Market

Faced with challenges ranging from escalating reimbursement and health plan pressures to new delivery and payment models, the laboratory industry stands at a critical juncture, with rapidly changing market dynamics threatening to stymie its continued growth and economic viability in the years ahead.

With the federal government’s recent bold steps forward in its effort to link Medicare payments to a value-based system to improve healthcare quality, the entire healthcare industry is confronting not only an unprecedented shift in expectations and incentives but a total reset. This creates real opportunities for laboratories to leverage the vital role they play across the healthcare continuum as they develop new competitive strategies for a market quickly moving beyond traditional fee-for-service models. But they must act now and fast…

Explore the critical issues shaping the market for labs and pathologists at the 33rd annual Lab Institute in the heart of Washington, D.C.

  • Keynotes from senior industry executives and thought leaders
    • Timely and important sessions tackling issues ranging from critical compliance updates and FDA regulation to working with payers and patient-centered healthcare
    • In-depth breakout sessions in four tracks:
      • Improving Operations and Performance Coding, Payment, and Compliance
      • Lab and Pathology Growth Strategies
      • Business Challenges and Opportunities
    • Pre-conference workshops focusing on key legal issues and best practices for selling and marketing laboratory services